Тест по английскому языку

Как узнать свой уровень английского?

Представленный ниже тест позволит определить Ваш уровень владения английским языком. Тест полностью бесплатный. Вы можете пройти тест по английскому бесплатно без регистрации и смс!


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1Tom _____ English.

2_____ there a restaurant near here?

3I didn't _____ TV last night.

4Look! The bus _____.

5I've never _____ to England.

6_____ to go out to an Italian restaurant tonight?

7To get to the Post Office, _____ at the end of this road.

8Excuse me, _____ time please?

9I think I've got a cold, I can't _____.

10My parents _____ married since 1985.

11Hurry up or we'll _____ our train!

12You're from New York, _____?

13I don't know many people _____ still smoke nowadays.

14My mother _____ me to buy some tea.

15I wish I _____ get up early every morning!

16You should _____ my advice!

17How much time do you spend _____ English?

18You should _____ for directions if you're lost.

19Are you going to the cafe? _____ with you.

20A lot of products _____ in China.

21What is this _____ in English? I can't remember.

22If I _____ earlier, I wouldn't have been late for work.

23By 2020 I think we will _____ a settlement on Mars.

24There were _____ of people at the football match on Friday.

25Do you fancy _____ away for the weekend?

26_____ to bring your passport. You'll need it at the airport.

27Mark: I've had a headache for three days. Sue: _____ to the doctors.

28There are so many people _____ sick we'll have to put the meetingoff until next week.

29Where's your car today? It _____ repaired.

30If the people on the ship _____ him, he would have drowned.

31The journey _____ much longer than I had expected.

32He didn't enjoy studying abroad as he had _____ friends there.

33There's _____ in applying for the job. I'm not qualified for it.

34Please remain seated _____ the plane has come to a complete standstill.

35It's _____ to go climbing alone.

36Chen's looking forward _____ his new job next week.

37It's almost midnight. He _____ be coming now!

38The car _____ start this morning, so I was late for work.

39You _____ be really excited about your trip to Germany.

40It looks _____ it's going to rain.

41The new GPS is _____. I don't know how we managed without it before.

42I wish I _____ more at college. I'd have a better job now!

43I was _____ when I heard I'd got the job.

44My manager _____ on excellent punctuality at all times.

45We have been _____ that a new training centre should be built.

46It's important that everyone in the group _____ each other.

47Pablo denied _____ the money.

48There were _____ of people at the football match on Friday.

49There is _____ traffic in Bangkok.

50Dubai has _____ building in the world.